If you want the formal version of my bio, check out the section below titled “Professional Bio.” If you’d rather have the casual, we’re just hanging out version and are really just interested in how we might be able to work together, here it goes…

Mindful Techie | Iguazu Falls Brazil July 2016It’s all about freedom. Freedom to live with a purpose on purpose.

Freedom from a seemingly endless stream of emails, social media notifications, and breaking news alerts. Freedom from the distraction and anxiety that come with being tethered to your devices, the internet, and other technology. Freedom from a life defined by your work or career and having no personal life to speak of.

You have visions of waking up without fear. Without fear of a backlog of emails queued up and demanding your immediate response…or the latest batch of inane social media updates from people you don’t even know that well (or at all) clamoring for your attention. You have a deep longing to escape the never-ending “fake news” cycle.

You may enjoy the work you do, but wish more than anything you had more time to simply sit, think, and hear your own thoughts. You dream of leaving work on time and leaving work at work. You hold on tightly to a misplaced hope that your real life will magically begin any minute now. You crave a real vacation free from email and other work but are afraid to take time off. After all, what will your boss, colleagues, or clients say? How will they ever survive a day or two or three or more without you as a constant presence in their life?

The truth is the emails will never stop. Your work will never slow down enough for you to catch up. If it does, that means you’re out of business. No bueno. There will never be a perfect time to take time for you. When you die, your inbox won’t be empty. Your colleagues will hopefully have a lot of great things to say at your memorial service. But no one will care how many emails you answered or how much time off you did or didn’t take. You will be replaced and the emails and work will carry on like business as usual. Your clients and colleagues with move on with their lives.

I feel you.

I really do. I used to be like you. I was on the brink of burnout. I was depressed, had gained a ton of weight, and wasn’t eating or sleeping right. My personal life…what personal life?

I was fed up with social media. Who are all these people anyway?! I mean I’m glad you like fine dining and taking selfies with your dog…I’m really happy for you. But why should I care? Why is this showing up in my feed? I don’t even know you!

I deactivated Facebook and took a break from Twitter, Instagram…and the rest of ‘em.

But I had a breakthrough. I realized I didn’t want to find out I was dying to start living the life I was born to live. I didn’t want to die with my music still inside of me. I had so much more of me I wanted to give to the world.

To make a long story short…

I started leaving work on time. I used my vacation time to take real vacations and invest in my personal development. I created a robust personal life that included training for triathlons, learning Portuguese (I’ve always wanted to travel to Brazil!), and getting more involved in my spiritual community. I rejoined the social media world. But this time I had a plan and solid intentions for how I was going to use the tools instead of the other way around. I look a month-long work and email-free sabbatical in Brazil and eventually quit my job to work full-time for myself doing what I love: helping people like you!

My highest intentions for you are to…

  • Discover your life’s purpose and to live a full and integrated life that is aligned with it.

  • Reclaim your life from the grips of seemingly never-ending email, social media, your devices, and other digital technology so that you can live life on your own terms rather than in response to the latest notifications from your smartphone.

  • Live a fulfilling personal life outside of your work and while also being more effective when you are at work.

  • Never be too busy to find balance in a noisy world.

Let’s work together!

Mindful Techie | Casual HeadshotWho I am and what I do…

I help you stop putting your life on hold because of work and start living a more balanced life–the life you were born to live.

I help you tackle technology distraction and information overload so that you can live life on your own terms, free from the anxiety-ridden sea of never-ending emails, social media notifications, and breaking news alerts.

I help you get clarity on your vision for work-life balance and your intention for how you would like to use digital technology in your life.

I help you become more effective and productive at work with your boss, colleagues, and clients, and at home with your family and friends.

In my previous career, I was a communications director and non-profit techie focused on leveraging information and communications technology to improve the health of underserved communities.

Professional Bio

Meico Marquette Whitlock, Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie, is a speaker and trainer on mindfulness, technology, and productivity. Mindful Techie is an organization focused on helping purpose-driven professionals and organizations boost their personal and professional effectiveness and increase productivity and work-­life balance in a digital world. Through talks, workshops, and trainings, Mindful Techie helps purpose-driven professionals and organizations integrate purpose, intention, and mindfulness into their day-to-day work in order to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and work-­life balance, and more effectively advance organizational missions and priorities.

Meico has served the non-profit and public sectors for nearly two decades by connecting people, information, and technology in ways that promote wellness and lasting social good. He is based in the Washington, D.C. area and travels domestically and internationally.

He shares from the depth of his personal experience through his thought leadership as a speaker and workshop facilitator with organizations and individuals invested in living full, whole, integrated, and balanced lives.

Meico has been a featured speaker on mindfulness, technology, and productivity at events such as the Nonprofit Technology Conference where he has spoken to audiences of more than 2,000 people and conducted workshops with groups as small as 30 or fewer people for national organizations such as the National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors. Meico has been a featured guest on the Meditate This! podcast and the NTEN Ask The Expert: Mindful Social Media national conference call and has supported social media for the annual Mindful Leadership Summit and the Mindful Life Conference.

My process…

1. Getting Clear – Planning for my speaking engagements or participation in one of my programs or coaching services starts with getting clear about your vision and intentions for working together. Generally, a short discovery call is enough to get the ball rolling.

2. Setting Priorities Straight – We’ll work together to set clear, achievable priorities aligned with your vision and intentions and develop a plan of action. This might include identifying the right program or coaching package for you or customizing content for a workshop you would like me to facilitate for your organization.

3. Making It Happen – At this stage, we stop thinking and start doing. By this time you’ve enrolled in a program, signed up for coaching services, or secured me to speak at your event.

4. Post-Launch – This is the part of the process where we’ve generally outlined a plan for continued success over the next 90 days and beyond if you’re participating in one of my programs or coaching services. For speaking engagements, this includes follow-up for feedback and ongoing support that might be needed.

Let’s work together!

7 interesting things about me…

1. The White House recognized me as a thought leader.

2. Promoting wellness as a vegetarian and participating in triathlons brings me joy.

3. My journey as a mindful techie has impacted every facet of my life and made me a minimalist.

4. I am a chef with a special recipe for black lentils that will knock your socks off!

5. I love salsa dancing (note: I didn’t say I was good at it)!

6. My favorite color is teal.

7. I love fresh ginger root!

What you can do now…

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Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


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