MEICO MARQUETTE WHITLOCK helps purpose-driven organizations and professionals who want to live a more balanced life in a digital world, reclaim their lives from digital distraction, news/information overload, and work-life imbalance.

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Meico Marquette Whitlock, Founder and CEO of Mindful Techie, is a speaker and trainer on mindfulness, technology, and productivity. Mindful Techie is an organization focused on helping purpose-driven professionals and organizations boost their personal and professional effectiveness and increase productivity and work-­life balance in a digital world.

Through talks, workshops, and trainings, Mindful Techie helps purpose-driven professionals and organizations integrate purpose, intention, and mindfulness into their day-to-day work in order to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and work-­life balance, and more effectively advance organizational missions and priorities.

Meico has served the non-profit and public sectors for nearly two decades by connecting people, information, and technology in ways that promote wellness and lasting social good. He is based in the Washington, D.C. area and travels domestically and internationally.

He shares from the depth of his personal experience through his thought leadership as a speaker and workshop facilitator with organizations and individuals invested in living full, whole, integrated, and balanced lives.

Meico has been a featured speaker on mindfulness, technology, and productivity on ABC News and on the main stage at events such as the Nonprofit Technology Conference. Meico has been a guest on the Meditate This! podcast and the NTEN Ask The Expert: Mindful Social Media national conference call and has supported social media for the annual Mindful Leadership Summit and the Mindful Life Conference.


Mastering the Art of Work/Life Balance & Getting More Done in a Digital World

Reclaiming Your Time & Setting Powerful Life Goals

2018 Life Planning Guide


Meico - [After your presentation], I think of you every day now and always find someone's beautiful picture on Instagram as a reminder to find something beautiful and slow down 🙂
NASTAD hired Meico to host a workshop on work-life balance for the attendees at our 2017 Annual Meeting. We only had 45 minutes for this workshop—not a lot of time, but Meico was able to make the most of it by putting together a presentation that was informative and interactive. Everyone in the room participated and left inspired to make changes in their own life, even if it was something as simple as taking time now and again to eat lunch away from their desk. It was a great workshop and I hope we can hire him again to host a longer version in the future!
Before my session with Meico, I thought my biggest barrier to more productivity was organization. Meico helped me to realize that my main obstacle to productivity was indecision, and that in order to more quickly make decisions, I first needed to clearly establish my priorities. Immediately after our session I reviewed my calendar and as I decided which items for the coming week could wait or were urgent. That exercise alone helped the decision making process. I am now using it as a lens to help me determine which things I say yes or no to. I have more work to do, but I am excited and inspired to have a new approach. Thanks Meico!
Meico your [talk] was so awesome!!!
Maddie Grant WorkXO


If you’re interested in speaking with Meico Whitlock about Mindful Techie, here are some topics of interest:

• Reclaiming your life from digital distraction and news and information overload

• Using mindfulness to overcome digital addiction

• Using technnology to be more productive at work AND at home

• Mastering work-life balance in a digital world

• How to be a mindful leader and social change agent


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